Puzzle Workshops
by "The Jolly Jester"

These presentations are very popular with Corporate Graduate events, encouraging lateral thinking with simple logic. 
I have a large selection of mechanical, optical, physical, and mental puzzles, gathered over many years of travel, or gleaned from Victorian and earlier publications.
These include:
The Prisoner's Cell from 1896
The Colditz Castle wire puzzle invented by a magician imprisoned during the 1st World War
The Lovers Knot. Great fun for 'breaking the ice' at parties,
and many many more.


 Try the Jolly Jester's Riddle below, email me the answer, and receive an additional puzzle you can use.
" A slight inclination of the cranium,
 is equal to a spasmodic movement of an optic nerve,
 in an equine quadruped,
 totally devoid of any visionary capability  "
Robert Freeman is fully C.R.B. checked and approved.
'Jolly Jesters'  169 Creek Road. March. Cambs.
Tel: 01354 - 656569. Fax: 01354 - 656569
Mobile: 07985 - 055969

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Revised: October 06, 2006.