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A Jester was a Gentleman who lived by his wits. It is a character known world wide, universally accepted as a conveyor of Mirth and Magic.

The Jester's primary function was to amuse and entertain his audience, with his wide range of skills.  He had to be good to make a living.

In Hollywood films, The Jester is often portrayed wrongly as a buffoon or a fool.  The Jester was anything but that, he was a skilled performer who had honed his performing skills over many years.

His skills would include such things as Fire Eating, Juggling, Stilt Walking and Magical Illusion.  The Jester would also supplement these skills with other diversions such as Paper Folding, Story Telling and Topical Rhymes.

Before the days of Radio and Television, the strolling Jester would be the person who would take the latest news from town to town.

Robert Freeman as "The Jolly Jester" brings the character of The Jester back to life with his unique style of humour and magic. This is an act not to be missed.

Robert Freeman is fully C.R.B. checked and approved.

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