Circus Skills Workshop
by "The Jolly Jester"

A Professional Entertainer for over 25 years, Robert Freeman presents a "Hands On" Juggling Experience.
Those taking part will be able to try and succeed with a variety of Juggling Props. In a one hour set for up to 40 particpants, or an 'ad hoc' basis, come and go.

Robert Freeman is fully C.R.B. checked and approved.

a popular Victorian Toy updated.
Spinning Plates;
not as easy as they look, but once mastered, never lost.
With enough equipment for up to 45 participants, and supervised tuition from Robert, fun is assured. But of course, the session would not be complete without an Entertaining Demonstration of Juggling, Magic, and Paper Folding skills.
Includes Public Liability Insurance for 5 million.

'Jolly Jesters'  169 Creek Road. March. Cambs.
Tel: 01354 - 656569. Fax: 01354 - 656569
Mobile: 07985 - 055969

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Revised: October 06, 2006.